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The Obsession Method Review

 July 12, 2021

By  Dating Site Guides

The Obsession Method Review - Is It Worth It?

The Obsession Method breaks the mould of dating gurus. This isn’t another man telling men how to get a girl but a university-educated woman giving men insight into the romantic psychology of women.

The program created by Kate Spring is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to draw women’s attention and how to keep it. It covers everything from the first time you meet to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Does this sound too good to be true? Is listening to a female dating expert all it takes for men to understand women’s desires? Check out our review of the Obsession Method and decide if this is what you have been missing in your love life.

What is the Obsession Method?

The Obsession Method is an attraction and dating program created by dating expert Kate Spring. It is made up four main parts, covering each stage of a relationship; Approach, Attract, Seduce, Secure.

Based on scientific psychological studies of attraction, each section goes through the key factors in getting a woman to be interested in you. It explains which verbal and non-verbal cues make a man attractive to the opposite sex and how to use this information in real life.

The full program is available as a digital download so it is accessible from any device. Readers will also receive bonus material that goes further into how to be sexy via text message, which words ignite a burning desire in women and even how to get a woman to take the first step.

Kate Spring had her start as a dating guru on her popular YouTube channel so you can also expect video content in this program. After buying the book series you will also be able to view a long list of videos that support the content of the main book.

Multiple Modules

How Does It Work?

From her years of experience as a personal dating coach, Spring realized that a lot of men either don’t have the confidence to approach a girl or don’t understand the essential social cues for romantic desire. The goal of the Obsession Method program is to give all lonely men the tools to attract their significant other.

All you have to do is purchase the program and you are set to go. There are no hidden fees or payment-locked content modules. In fact, your single purchase comes with a whole lot of bonus material.

Once downloaded, you can work through the program at your own pace. Each chapter is written in easy-to-read terms while still offering detailed insight into what actually happens in the female brain.

Each chapter includes practical steps that you can take to gain the confidence that women find so attractive. It goes through all the different stages of a relationship including the possible setbacks you might encounter along the way.

With this information, men are encouraged to go out and try the tips. Even if it doesn’t go smoothly at the beginning, keep going. Like with any skill, flirting will feel more natural the more you practice.

Those that would like more personal support can sign up for a personal coaching program with Kate Spring via her website. She is a woman in high demand so you have to be lucky to catch her.

What Does The Obsession Method Include?

The main component of the Obsession Method program is a set of 4 books. The first book, Approach, dives into the psychological cues that women react to out of human biology.

It explains what qualities women want in a man and how you can show you that you tick all the boxes. The book also goes into great detail about how to take the first steps when meeting a woman and which tactics will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

The second book, Attract, is about what to do once you have met a girl that you like. It tells you how to get a girl’s phone number and what to say over text to get her to go on a date with you.

The third book, Desire, is where it get even more exciting. This component goes into dating etiquette and how to build up the heat between you.

The program ends with the fourth book, Secure. At this stage, the relationship has progressed beyond the first few dates and is getting serious. Secure, explains how to keep a woman interested and how to keep the relationship exciting for her.

Then there is all the bonus material. Spring has written special modules about very specific elements of a new relationship that men struggle with. This includes how to appear charming over text and how let the woman do the seducing.

For those that are more visual learners, there is a complete set of videos. Each one covers a different aspect of dating at its different stages.

The Obsession Method Pros & Cons

It is refreshing to learn about attracting women from the perspective of a woman. Kate Spring lays it out plain and simple without leaving anything to mystery.

The question is whether the program is something that would work for you. These pros and cons might help you decide.

  • PROS

  • Cons

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Covers every stage of a new relationship
  • Provides a females perspective on attraction
  • Clear step-by-step guides
  • A lot of bonus material and overall content for the price


Is the Obsession Method Free?

Buying the Obsession Method works the same as buying any other ebook. It is not for free but once you’ve paid you have unlimited access to everything in the package.

Is the Obsession Method Legit?

The author’s popular YouTube channel and many reviews seems to suggest that the Obsession Method really does work. It isn’t a scam. The program contains actual effective advice.

Who Is Kate Spring?

Kate Spring is an attraction coach based in Canada. She has created the attraction program for men called Obsession Method. She has a popular YouTube channel and offers personal dating coaching.

What Is Obsession Story?

Obsession Story is a component of the Obsession Method program. It is built on the idea that every woman has certain triggers that will make her obsess about a man. Incorporating these triggers when approaching a woman would therefore make you irresistible.

How Do You Tap Into a Woman’s Obsession?

The first step is to find out what the woman is likely to obsess about and then working it into your approach naturally. You have to make sure that it is natural, otherwise it could come across as manipulative.

How Do I Get My Girlfriend to Obsess Over Me?

Show your girlfriend what makes you a catch. Find out what her love language is and shower her with it.

Final Verdict & Review

The Obsession Method does not repeat common dating tricks over and over again like certain other dating programs. It really goes into the psychology of a woman and the biological laws of attraction between the opposite sexes. In that respect, the Obsession Method brings something new to the table for single men.

The way that the program is set out makes it easy to follow for anyone that feels hopeless when dating. It doesn’t leave you hanging after the first encounter with the woman of your dreams. The program continues on to the serious relationship stage which is much further than most dating courses.

It is also about time that a woman is up front about what truly makes a man desirable. Many men aren’t aware of the social cues they portray that actually scare women away instead of luring them in. Kate Spring explains things in an entertaining and honest way that is full of ‘aha’ moments.

Overall, the Obsession Method is a great choice when you feel like you need some serious help with talking to women and dating.

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