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The Infatuation Script Review

 July 21, 2021

By  Dating Site Guides

The Infatuation Script - Is It Worth It?

What do you say to a guy to make him stay? That is the question that the Infatuation Script answers. This relationship advice program teaches women exactly what to say to their man to keep him head over heels in love.

Is that even possible? Are there specific trigger words that can draw out the love in a man? Are there really just a few simple things that a man wants to hear?

Read this review of the Infatuation Script by Clayton Max and find out whether the secret words to a man’s love have been found.

What is the Infatuation Script?

The infatuation Script is an e-book that covers a long list of phrases and words that trigger a specific response in men. The idea is that using these scripts, a woman can draw out certain romantic reactions and behaviors in their partner.

It is a digital crash course providing the reader with specific techniques that they can use in their relationship for better communication. The Infatuation Script covers many different scenarios so that you will always know what to say.

The book is written by Clayton Max and is based on his own experience in meeting his now wife. As a self-confirmed bachelor, something changed after he met his wife and he realized it was the way she used her words.

Diving into the details of his own experience and his experience as a dating coach, Max explains how words can be the most powerful element of a relationship. With the Infatuation Script, he provides women with the linguistic secrets to a man’s heart.

Multiple Modules

How Does It Work?

In a series of e-books, the Infatuation Script outlines words and phrases that trigger specific responses in men. There are different scripts for different situations.

For example, one book is all about building curiosity in a man so that the continues the chase and puts in the work to get to know you better. Another book goes into how a woman can establish boundaries in a relationship to keep herself comfortable without losing the interest of her partner.

There are a total of 12 scripts which cover the different stages of a relationship. Each one is a follow-up of the former and this way guides the reader throughout their relationship.

The Infatuation Script not only helps women to get a guy’s attention when first dating but also how to keep him on the hook, even in a long-term relationship. It provides women with all the right things to say in many different situations.

What Does The Package Feature?

The complete program consists of 12 main scripts plus 3 bonus materials. The first part is called Curiosity and shows you how to spark interest after first meeting a guy you like. Next, the Investment script, gives you the tools to convey to a guy that he has to invest in the relationship to really be able to get to know you.

The third part, Uncertainty Script, is a bit of a teaser - it gives men the feeling that the woman is unpredictable and so they have to keep putting in the effort to deserve you. There is another script called Intrigue and another called Curveball which is useful once the relationship has already progressed and avoids having the man feel too comfortable.

At the same time, the scripts give women the right words to establish their own independence, boundaries and barriers. These techniques help you to set up personal space without creating a feeling of too much distance with your boyfriend or husband.

Cliffhanger is also an interesting script as it can add mystery and urgency to the relationship. To create more passion, the Temptation and Shaping scripts are recommended.

Finally, there are scripts that could come in handy when you feel under appreciated. The Urgency and Uninterested script can create the suggestion that he might lose you if he doesn’t step up.

In addition to these very practical scripts, the package comes with 3 bonus books. The first, The Commitment Calculator, explains the male triggers for a serious relationship - even if he claims not to want to be in one.

The other bonus materials are created by other authors that are fellow dating coaches. This includes Make Any Man Yours for Life by Amy North and Why Men Shut Women Out by Slade Shaw. These give you great insight into the male psyche.

The Infatuation Script Pros & Cons

Are you looking for a quick and simple guidebook on how to talk to men? Do you need a little help finding the right words to say to your boyfriend? Then the Infatuation Script is right up your alley.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more in depth, this might not be for you. Then there is also always the question of these triggers actually work on your man.

  • PROS

  • Cons

  • Easy to follow guidebook for conversations with men
  • Covers a wide variety of relationship goals
  • Great bonus material from other popular dating coaches
  • Nothing complicated or difficult to read
  • Handy reference book for many women


Who is Clayton Max?

Clayton Max is a dating coach that has helped men and women with their dating and relationship struggles for over a decade. He is the author of the Infatuation Script, which is based on his own experience in meeting his wife.

What is infatuation vs love?

Infatuation is a psychological state wherein there is less concern with reality and logic. This feeling is what makes a person feel sure about their relationship.

What is the Curiosity Script?

The Curiosity Script is one part of the e-book series, the Infatuation Script. This specific book covers how to peak a guy’s interest, especially in the beginning stages of dating.

How do you trigger a man emotionally?

According to the Infatuation Script, there are specific words and phrases that can trigger a certain emotion in men. Supposedly, hearing certain words can make a man feel more connected and attracted to a woman.

Is the Infatuation Script free?

The Infatuation Script is not free but considering the lengthy book series and additional bonus material it is not expensive. It is available for under $50.

Is the Infatuation Script legit?

The e-book series is based on personal experience and insights from a social psychology graduate. The Infatuation Script itself is legit but as with any relationship advice, what works for most might not work for everybody.

Final Verdict & Review

The Infatuation Script is unlike other dating advice books. It doesn’t go deep into theories and rants about how a man or woman should behave in order to keep their partner on the hook.

Instead, it cuts straight to the chase and provides readers with specific words, phrases and conversation outlines that help to trigger specific emotions in men. Since the book is based on Clayton Max’ personal experience in meeting his current wife, the method worked on at least one person. The question is, will it work for you?

If you are tired of the long-winded love and relationship books, the Infatuation Script is a great alternative. If not for anything else, they offer conversation starters for you and your partner. You never know where it might lead.

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