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The Ex Factor Guide Review

 July 7, 2021

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The Ex Factor Review - Is It Worth It?

Have you broken up with your ex and badly want them back? The Ex Factor Guide claims that the online program will help you do just that. But is it really that simple?

Each relationship is unique and every person has their personal triggers. Can a single program address all these differences and deliver results?

This Ex Factor Guide review dives into the details of the digital relationship crash course for getting back with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Is it worth it?

What is the Ex Factor Guide?

The Ex Factor Guide is a step-by-step online guideline to winning back your ex. It breaks down the psychological elements of break-ups and how to address them so that you can go back to a healthier and stronger relationship.

It was created by relationship expert Brad Browning who calls himself a Breakup & Divorce Coach. He lays claim to having saved over 130,000 relationships as the bio on his YouTube channel states.

The main component of The Ex Factor Guide is an e-book describing how to craft a mindset that helps you recover from the break-up and the next steps to take to convince your ex that you should be together again. The online environment also offers additional learning materials such as videos and podcasts.

All the materials are available as a download so you can have access to the course at any time. There is no time limit on your purchase.

Two Different Packages

How Does It Work?

How do you get started with the Ex Factor Guide? You can purchase the program from their website and start immediately.

There are two versions available. One is for women that want their ex-boyfriend or ex-husband back and the other is for men that want their ex-girlfriend or ex-wife back. So far, the program only offers guides for hetero couples.

Right after your payment has been approved, you get access to all digital materials. You can view them online or download each component for offline access.

This is a self-study assignment. You can work at your own pace using the type of materials that you are most comfortable with. If the e-book is all you need then that is fine but you can also gain extra insights with the bonus materials.

For those that need a little extra help or tips for a more specific situation, Brad Browning offers personal advice. Clients can send him an e-mail.

What Does The Ex Factor Guide Include?

The guide is written like a book, with a different strategy tactic in each chapter. It starts with several chapters that require introspection. You will have to examine why you want your ex back, what truly makes you happy and which characteristics work for you or against you.

Once you have achieved the right mindset, the e-book outlines the tricks that will get your ex’s attention. It revolves around them seeing what makes you an attractive person and reigniting that feeling of longing.

What makes this program more than an optimistic collection of how-to’s is the chapters on what to do if things don’t go according to plan. Browning recognizes that each relationship has its own obstacles and so there must be more than one path to re-connecting with an ex.

The final chapters of the e-book cover what to do at the beginning stages of the re-started relationship. It goes into what to do after the first time you have sex again and how not to mess up this second chance by keeping the relationship interesting. It also very astutely points out the acts of desperation that some people might fall into.

The Ex Factor Guide Pros & Cons

The Ex Factor Guide is not for everyone but it might just be the support that you need for your former relationship. These are some of the reasons why you should or should not try it out.

  • PROS

  • Cons

  • Easy to follow guide with practical tips
  • Offers plenty of ‘what if’ options
  • Digital access 24/7 from any device
  • Guides specifically written for men or women
  • Holistic approach to dealing with a break-up and finding love again


Does the Ex Factor Guide Get Your Girlfriend Back?

Although the program is designed to get your ex back, it is not a foolproof method. Humans are complicated beings and the Ex Factor Guide is not created as a case-by-case support tool.

Although it is based on years of experience and studies psychological tricks, it is still a generalization. Readers should reflect on which elements might not work for them.

Is the Ex Factor Guide Free?

No, to gain access to the Ex Factor Guide materials you have to pay a one-time fee. The purchase gives you unlimited access and everything can be downloaded to your personal devices.

What Is the Ex Factor Guide Secret?

The program focuses on the practical steps you can take to better yourself and then show your ex that you have become a more attractive person to be with. Readers are encouraged to start with themselves before attempting to contact their ex again.

Does the Ex Factor Guide Really Work?

The author of Ex Factor Guide claims that his program has successfully saved over 130,000 couples from break-ups and divorce. The digital program is based on the same knowledge so in theory it can work. However, each couple is different and there is no guarantee of any relationship working.

Final Verdict & Review

Undoubtedly, Brad Browning has booked successes in getting couples back together as a personal relationship coach. But does his plan translate to a book for the masses?

This is something you will have to discover for yourself.

The advantage of The Ex Factor Guide is that it provides you with concrete tools to win your ex back. Each chapter is filled with practical advice and real steps that you can take towards rekindling your relationship.

Browning’s approach gets straight to the point which can be refreshing but to others may feel blunt. His psychological tricks don’t come natural to everyone so decide on which tactics you are comfortable with and which ones you won’t use.

Although there is no 100% guarantee that the program will work for you, it doesn’t hurt to understand the laws of attraction between men and women and which elements are common sources of concern in break-ups.

Buying the Ex Factor Guide is just like picking up any other self-help book. It might be a revelation to you or it might not hit the right cords. There is only one way to find out and at the affordable price it comes in, you don’t have much to lose.

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