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SilverSingles Review

 July 27, 2020

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Silver Singles Review - Is It Worth It?

In this Silver Singles review we look into what is on offer for seniors in online dating. As one of the leading dating sites for singles over 50, are they offering a real chance at new love?

Dating after 50 is a completely different experience in itself. Add to that the extra layer of technology and the internet and it is understandable that seniors are unsure about online dating.

Can they really make the website clear and easy to navigate for someone that is not used to these kinds of platforms? Are the members engaged and actively seeking out dates?

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Signup Process

The biggest perk of Silver Singles is that the entire website and mobile app is designed to be easy to navigate. The creators really thought about their audience and made sure they can comfortably find their way around.

This already becomes apparent from the moment you sign up. The first step is filling in your gender, the gender you are interested in, a verifiable email address and new password.

After verifying your email address, it is time to get into the personality test. This is quite an extensive test consisting of 100 multiple choice questions and 7 short open-ended questions.

This is quite a lot to work through so take your time with these questions. You don’t want to skip this test because it is essential for finding compatible profiles.

Once you completed the personality test, you have the option to add a profile photo. We say that it is optional but in practice it really isn’t. Profiles without a photo get very little interaction so it is in your own best interest to upload one.

The final step takes you to the membership options page. This part truly is optional.

If you have never tried online dating before it is completely fine to stick to a free account, at first. This gives you time to explore the website and get a feel for what the experience will be like.

You can always upgrade your account at a later stage. When you are ready for more interaction you can upgrade to a paid membership and enjoy messaging interesting people.

Silver Singles membership plans are available as 1 month, 3 months and 6 months periods. Payments are made either by CreditCard or a PayPal transfer.

Creating Your Personal Profile

Part of creating your Silver Singles profile already starts during registration. The answers that you provide in the personality test are part of creating a profile.

During registration you may have already uploaded a profile photo, too. You can add more photos to your profile to give other singles a better idea of your lifestyle.

Since Silver Singles is all about keeping things straightforward and simple, there isn’t much you need to do on your profile. After you have completed the personality test and added photos you are essentially done.

There are a few things you should know about Silver Singles profiles.

Firstly, members on a free account cannot see any photos, including the profile photo. If you want to be able to see someone’s photos you have to upgrade to a paid account.

However, free members can see the rest of the profile. Your profile only shows what you answered for the 7 open-ended questions during registration.

Do you feel like you could be more eloquent with these answers? Then feel free to edit your answers at any time.

The answers to these 7 questions are an important window into your personality and what type of relationship you are looking for. So, if you are unsatisfied with an existing answer change it to better describe you.

Pricing & Account-Level Features

  • FREE


Free Account Features

  • 5 daily suggested profile matches
  • Viewing profile text
  • Taking personality test
  • Adding profile to favorites list
  • Sending smiles

Making Connections on SilverSingles

If you truly want to make a connection with someone on Silver Singles you should upgrade to a paid account. Your communication options as a free member are very limited and you won’t be able to get to know someone properly.

Once you upgrade your account, you are able to send as many messages as you like. You can neither receive or send messages on a free account.

The only way you can show interest on a free account is by sending a smile. This is simply a notification that the other member will receive but you can’t attach any messages to it.

Since you are not allowed to place any contact information on your profile, there is no other way for people to contact you except through online messages. In other words, if you don’t upgrade your account you cannot talk to any other Silver Singles members.

All members, whether you are a free member or paying member, receive 5 daily match suggestions. These are profiles that have compatible personality test results to your own results.

Although this may be fewer match suggestions than on other dating sites, it is still enough. By being more selective with the suggested profiles, Silver Singles ensures that you are given truly compatible matches and not just slightly similar matches.

If you think about it, 5 interesting singles to get into contact with is probably more than the number of singles that you meet on a day to day basis. In that respect, you have a better chance of meeting a companion on Silver Singles than in real life.

SilverSingles Pros & Cons

  • PROS

  • Cons

  • Very easy to navigate the website & mobile app
  • Extensive personality test delivers better matches
  • Open-ended questions give you the chance to show your character
  • 5 new suggested profiles every day
  • Profile can be edited whenever you'd like
  • No time limit on a free account
  • Very few fake profiles
  • Members are very welcoming and kind


Is SilverSingles Safe?

Overall, Silver Singles is a safe online dating site. Although the profile verification process is limited, the website does not attract many fake accounts.

As with any online dating platform, keep your eyes open for any red flags. Never share any personal sensitive information and always meet in a public place if you are going on a date.

Is SilverSingles Free to Join?

Yes, creating an account on Silver Singles is free. There is no time limit to upgrade to a paid account.

If I'm Under 50 Can I Join Silver Singles?

Although the website does not prevent people younger than 50 years old from joining, there aren’t very many singles under 50 on Silver Singles. The website encourages only people above 50 to join. Be wary of any members that are considerably younger contacting you, it may be part of a scam.

How Do I Send Messages on Silver Singles?

Messaging is only available for premium members. If you have a paid account you will see button that says ‘chat’ at the top of member profiles.

You can only chat with other premium members. If the person you want to chat with is a free member your message won’t go through.

Is The Personality Test a Requirement?

Yes, the Silver Singles personality test is a requirement for all members. This is because they use your answers to this test to find compatible matches. There is no option for searching profiles yourself so you are reliant on the suggested matches the dating site sends you.

Can I Block Users on SilverSingles?

If you want to block a Silver Singles user you first have to send a report to their customer service. You can contact the customer service team by email or by phone.

Can I Deactivate My SilverSingles Account?

Deactivating your Silver Singles account means completely removing your profile and terminating your membership. It is not possible to temporarily suspend your account. The only option is to completely delete it.

You can remove your account by sending an email to the customer service team.

Is There a SilverSingles Mobile App?

Silver Singles has a mobile app available for both android and iOS mobile phones. This app is free to download and use for premium members. All the features that you find on the website are also available on the mobile app.

SilverSingles Testimonial

Final Verdict & Review

Overall, Silver Singles is a great online dating site for singles over 50. The creators have done a great job at making the website easy to navigate and a safe environment for seniors.

The number of members is also quite impressive. With over 800,000 people visiting the website every month there is a good chance of finding someone interesting.

However, as with any dating site, there are few limitations. Although anyone can create a free account on Silver Singles, the communication options are very limited.

Unless you upgrade to a premium account you are not able to chat with anyone on the platform. You need this outlet for communication to really get to know someone so in practice you won’t get much use out of a free account.

Once you upgrade though, Silver Singles can be a very exciting way to meet new like-minded people. The personality test is very effective in finding compatible profiles which means there is a lot of potential for connection.

There is no limit to the number of people that you can send a message to. Plus, premium members get an additional 20 wildcard match suggestions so there are plenty of people to talk to.

If you are over 50 but far from ready to throw in the hat, give your romantic life a breath of fresh air with Silver Singles. It is a fun new way to meet people your own age and you get sent good quality compatible matches.

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