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Secret Benefits Review

 June 8, 2021

By  Dating Site Guides

Secret Benefits Review - Is It Worth It?

Secret Benefits is a sugar daddy website. It attracts generous older men and young attractive women that are looking for a sugar daddy - sugar baby type relationship.

There is a lot of stigma around this kind of relationship, despite there being many couples with this romantic agreement. That is why there are many skeptics on sugar daddy dating sites.

For those that are not familiar with this dating agreement, the first instinct might be that it is a scam. However, there are also strong believers in the concept, seeing it as a way for both parties to meet their needs in a straightforward manner.

So, what is the case with Secret Benefits - is it full of scammers or are the members legitimately interested in being sugar daddy or sugar baby? Read our Secret Benefits review to find out.

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Signup Process

Signing up for Secret Benefits is free and incredibly easy. All that is required during registration is your username, email address, age, location, body type and ethnicity.

This is all standard basic information except for perhaps the username. The username gives you a little more privacy but this also makes it easier for people to create a fake profile.

You should know that the username cannot be changed. Once you have registered, there is no editing of the username anymore.

Adding a profile photo is not a requirement but like on all dating sites, it is highly recommended. Also, uploading profile photo is necessary to create a verified account.

Since signup process is so simple, it is a good idea to apply for a profile verification. Whenever registration on a dating site is easy, there tend to be many fake profiles and you don’t want to risk looking like one.

Profile verification does not take much time. All you have to do is send a picture or video showing yourself and the Secret Benefits sign.

One unique feature you will come across during registration is that there is no prompt to upgrade to a paid account. This is because Secret Benefits does not work with membership plans.

Instead of monthly paid memberships, users can purchase credits. These credits let you start a conversation with another member.

You can buy as many or as little credits as you want, making it much more flexible than many other online dating sites.

Creating Your Personal Profile

As mentioned earlier in our Secret Benefits review, not much is required to create a profile. However, more detailed profiles always get more interaction on dating sites.

So, after registration, take a few minutes to complete your profile information. There are no long open-ended questions or questionnaires to answer though, just a few multiple choice questions.

Things shown on the profile include physical features and body type and lifestyle aspects like if you are a smoker or enjoy a drink. There is also a section reserved for describing what you have on offer and what you expect in a relationship.

For the latter, sugar daddy’s would have to fill in their net worth and yearly income but this is optional. The sugar baby’s can answer based on what they want from their sugar daddy.

Of course, there is also an option to add photos and videos. One of the advantages of Secret Benefits is that photo albums can be made private.

For private photo albums and videos, members must send a request to be able to view the photos and videos. This is yet another way Secret Benefits lets you keep some privacy on their platform.

Sugar daddy relationships often revolve around the woman’s physical features and Secret Benefits lets you display steamy photos. However, nudity is prohibited and these photos will be removed from the site.

Another important element about the profiles is that you cannot share banking information or a personal phone number. This is not even possible in a personal chat.

Secret Benefits has explicitly chosen to keep bank account information off the site for safety reasons. This ensures that members have to meet up in person first.

Looking for more interaction from your profile? Profiles that have been verified can opt for a highlight.

When requesting a highlight for your profile, your profile will appear at the top of search results. You can pay for a profile highlight with the same credits that you use to unlock conversations.

Pricing & Account-Level Features

  • FREE


Free Account Features

  • Registration
  • Completing profile
  • Searching for profiles
  • Viewing public videos and photos

Making Connections on Secret Benefits

To get the most out of your Secret Benefits account you will have to purchase credits. These credits let you send and receive messages and send requests for private photo albums and videos.

The whole point of a dating site is making connections so you won’t get much use out of Secret Benefits without purchasing credits. Fortunately, there are several differently priced credit packs available.

1 credit costs less than $0.60 so it is quite an affordable option, especially compared to dating sites with monthly memberships. The more credits you buy, the lower the cost of a single credit.

The credits are not necessary for sugar babies, though. All the website features are completely free for sugar babies.

Secret Benefits does not have very many communication options. The only way to communicate with other members is through private messaging.

There is no public forum, no group chats and no video chat. For those that are used to more advanced online dating sites, this can feel a little restrictive.

One of the web features that make a dating site safer is when there is the option for video chatting. You can post a photo you pulled off the internet but it is very difficult to fake a video conversation.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the online communication options are limited is to encourage real life dates. This also becomes apparent through the way Secret Benefits sends profile suggestions.

The profile results on Secret Benefits are location-based. Members can set a maximum distance of 200 miles which encourages meeting people that are within a reasonable distance.

We see this feature on more dating sites. It is one way the platforms hope to filter out fake profiles but its effectiveness is questionable.

Another important thing to know about Secret Benefits is that you have a lot more chance of meeting someone if you are a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy. There is a big difference between the number of men and women on this dating site.

80% of the Secret Benefits members are men, which means only a fifth of the members are women. In other words, the women are in high demand and the men will have to do their best to win over a sugar baby.

This is great news for the women but does make it more difficult for the sugar daddies. Unfortunately, there is a similar pattern on most sugar daddy dating sites.

So, if you are a sugar daddy, you will need to put in more effort to make a good connection. If you are a sugar baby, you will get plenty of attention on Secret Benefits.

Secret Benefits Pros & Cons

  • PROS

  • Cons

  • Free registration
  • Simple profile questions
  • Good search options
  • Lots of space for photos and videos
  • Photo albums and videos can be made private
  • No time-bound pricey membership plans
  • Profile verification option


Is Secret Benefits Free?

Secret Benefits is free to join and create a profile. Sugar babies do not have to pay for any web features but sugar daddies may have to.

There are no time-bound memberships on Secret Benefits, instead it works with a credits system. Sugar daddies have to purchase credits to be able to send and receive messages and send a request to view private photos and videos.

Is Secret Benefits Legit?

Secret Benefits is a real online dating sites for sugar daddy relationships. As with any datings site, there is a risk of fake profiles but Secret Benefits does put measures in place to help weed these accounts out.

One way to avoid spam accounts and catfishing is to only communicate with verified profiles. Verified profiles have had to send in a unique photo and are checked for authenticity.

What Content is Prohibited on Profiles?

Personal contact information cannot be displayed on profiles. This includes phone numbers, email addresses and banking information.

Profiles also cannot feature any nudity. Neither the public or private photos and videos can show nudity.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

Secret Benefits is free to join and is completely free for women. Sugar daddies, on the other hand, have to purchase credits to unlock certain features.

Credits vary in costs, all costing less than $0.60 per credit. The more credits you buy the more affordable a single credits becomes.

Why Can't I Change My Username?

It is not possible to change your username on Secret Benefits. The username that you enter during the registration process is the same username you have to use for as long as you are a member.

Why has My Secret Benefits Profile Been Deactivated?

Profiles that violate the regulations, like sharing personal contact information or nudity, are deactivated by the web admin.

Final Verdict & Review

Overall, Secret Benefits leaves no surprises. It is a straightforward sugar daddy dating site and is quite similar in its features and user base as other similar websites.

As suspected, creating a fake profile is quite simple. Even the location feature does not prevent someone from creating a fake profile because the location can be filled in manually.

Its redeeming feature is the profile verification option. Simply having this option lets users filter out at least a majority of the fake accounts.

Once you get past this hurdle, there isn’t much to complain about. Secret Benefits offers enough privacy options without taking away from the profiles themselves.

Allowing members to make a photo album or video private is very smart. This lets both sugar babies and sugar daddies leave some of the sexier content for people they are truly interested in.

It is completely understandable that Secret Benefits uses a credit system for this feature. Dating sites need to earn their money from someone and this virtual money system is a fair one.

The perk of a credit system is that members are not bound to a limited time membership account. It lets members pay according to how active they are on the website, instead of how long they are using the website for.

Female sugar babies don’t have to deal with the credit system which is a common thread in sugar daddy dating sites. Again, this is understandable because there are very few female members and keeping female accounts free does help encourage more to join.

Compared to many other sugar daddy dating sites, Secret Benefits is modern and easy to navigate. It does not feel spammy like many other similar dating sites.

So, even though the online features are limited, it is still an user-friendly dating site. It could do with a few extra security features but so could most dating sites, especially with this target audience.

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