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LargeFriends Review

 June 7, 2021

By  Dating Site Guides

LargeFriends Review - Is It Worth It?

This LargeFriends review looks into a popular BBW and BHM dating sites. Does it really improve your chances of finding a serious relationship or is the pool of singles simply too small?

Although it is not necessary to turn to a niche dating site to meet bigger men and women, many still choose to do so. Some of these smaller communities may feel more welcoming than the conventional dating sites.

Being a Big Beautiful Woman or Big Handsome Man on one of these niche sites can also feel empowering. It can give you a great confidence boost since the men and women on these sites are specifically looking for someone plus size.

The downside is that many niche dating sites only have a limited number of members. This doesn’t necessarily mean that won’t find a good match but the odds may not be in your favor.

In this LargeFriends review we try to find out whether this niche BBW and BHM dating site is a good place for finding love. Is there plenty of choice and interaction on LargeFriends or are you better off at a more mainstream dating site?

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Signup Process

Registering on LargeFriends is simple enough but it also includes enough basic security features to ensure you it is not a scam. The only requirement is that you over 18 years old but the profiles are still quite detailed.

You start the registration process by filling a few pieces of basic information. Nothing out of the ordinary or unusual for a dating site.

You also have to upload a profile photo. This is where the signup process takes a little longer because the profile photo has to be approved by the moderators, first.

Profile photos must be easily recognizable, an original photo of yourself and cannot show other people. This is one the steps they take to prevent fake accounts with stolen photos.

Then comes the section where you have to get a bit more creative. You are asked to write a few words about yourself and the type of match you are hoping for.

The descriptions don’t have to be a masterpiece since you can change this part of your profile later on. However, when you are first signing up for LargeFriends make sure that you descriptions match the information and profile photo you already provided.

Another way they filter out fake profiles is by checking the descriptions in your profile. If anything doesn’t add up the moderators may suspend your account immediately.

After this last step, a verification code is sent to your email. Be quick because this verification code must be entered within a certain number of minutes.

LargeFriends offers 2 kinds of memberships; free and premium. You can get by on a free membership but you won’t be able to initiate private conversations and you won’t be able to view full-size photos.

Another important feature you would be missing out on is the advanced search. On a free account you can only browse based on location while a premium member gets to search based on how well the profiles match the preferred characteristics.

Creating Your Personal Profile

Part of creating your personal profile on LargeFriends is already done during the signup process. Remember that you can edit the descriptions at any time so if you feel like you can word it better, do so.

Another way to personalize your profile is by adding photos. LargeFriends places strong focus on photos which is why you can add a total of 52 photos to your profile.

Each member, regardless of whether they are a free or premium member, can create a public and private photo album. There is space for 26 photos in each album

Besides the photo albums, you can also create your own blog. You can write about anything that you like and these blog posts can be viewed by all members.

The blog is a great way to lure in interaction from other members since both free and paying members can leave a comment. It is a good idea to create posts about your favorite activities or some experiences that were very important to you.

Pricing & Account-Level Features

  • FREE


Free Account Features

  • Registration
  • Completing profile
  • Posting blogs
  • Browsing profiles by location
  • Sending winks
  • Adding profiles to favorites list
  • Commenting on blog posts
  • Replying to messaging

Making Connections on Large Friends

How easy it is to connect with a LargeFriends member depends on your membership type. With a little patience you can make enough connections on a free account but a premium account is still recommended.

On a free account, you can only reply to private messages so you have to hope that the person you like upgraded their account. Unless a premium member sends a message to your first, you are limited to communicating on public spaces.

However, there are limits to this, too. LargeFriends does not have a forum space so you can only comment on blog posts as a free member.

Upgrading your account to a premium membership has great perks. Not only can you send messages to everyone but you can also look at profiles anonymously.

The anonymous viewing feature is not for creeping around, though. You shouldn’t be keeping tabs on someone. However, it might come in handy if you are very selective about the people you want to communicate with.

Another reason to upgrade your account is the advanced search options. Free members can search for profiles as well, but they are limited to location-based searches.

As a premium member you get access to more search filters so that you can narrow down the search to singles that meet your criteria. There is no compatibility algorithm on LargeFriends so you have to do the work manually.

Make sure to add a profile to a favorites list so you can find them more easily the next time you login. Members don’t get a notification if someone puts their profile on a favorites list.

A final limitation of making connections on LargeFriends is the number of members. Members tend to be concentrated in specific areas so finding a match for a serious relationship may be a little more difficult.

In online dating, the more active members the better. Although the LargeFriends members are considerably active, their total number is still small.

 If you live in a smaller town or outside of the US, your chances of finding love on LargeFriends are not fantastic. And even if you do live in an area with lots of members, you might still have to consider a long-distance relationship.

LargeFriends Pros & Cons

  • PROS

  • Cons

  • Profiles are checked for legitimacy
  • Easy signup process
  • Specifically for BBW, BHM and their admirers
  • Members can create blogs for more interaction
  • Adding to favorites list is free
  • Premium members can browse anonymously
  • Space for many photos in both private and public albums
  • Also available as android app (IOS coming soon)


Is LargeFriends Legit?

LargeFriends is a legitimate online dating site and dating app. There are efforts to keep it a safe environment free from fake accounts and catfishing. Overall, users of LargeFriends are satisfied with the services.

Who Is LargeFriends For?

Large friends is for the plus-size community, both men and women, and their admirers. There are no specific requirements for joining the site apart from being over 18.

Is LargeFriends Free?

Members are allowed to keep a free LargeFriends account for an indefinite amount of time. Although there is no pressure to upgrade to a premium account, there are better perks with an upgrade. The most important reason for upgrading an account is being able to initiate messaging and more advanced search functions.

Is there a mobile app?

There is a LargeFriends app but for now it is only available for android. The website is mobile-friendly so iOS users can still navigate the website from their regular internet browser.

Who Owns LargeFriends?

The LargeFriends dating site is part of SuccessfulMatch. The company runs several dating sites in different niches.

Is LargeFriends Safe?

Overall, LargeFriends is a relatively safe online dating site. The moderators take care to check profiles for legitimacy and any behavior that breaks their user guidelines.

On any dating platform it is important to act responsibly. Do not share any sensitive information and break off communication when you notice any red flags.

Is My LargeFriends Membership Automatically Renewed?

Unless the settings are manually changed, LargeFriends memberships are automatically renewed. You can turn the automatic renewal off in your account settings.

Are Profiles on LargeFriends Verified?

There are 2 profile checks during the registration process. This includes checking the profile photo and sending a verification code to the member’s email. Once accounts are live, they are not checked.

However, members can choose to verify their account as an extra option. Verifying an account on LargeFriends requires uploading a copy of your ID that the moderators can match to your profile info. The ID will never be published.

Can You Unsend Messages on LargeFriends?

Yes, after you send a message there is still the option to unsend it. To unsend a message on LargeFriends, hover your cursor over the text. An option to unsend should appear.

Can You Block Profiles on LargeFriends?

Yes, you can block a profile on LargeFriends. To block a member, go to their profile and click on the 3 dots in the corner. A dropdown menu will pop up and ‘block’ is one of the options.

What Is the Difference Between Hiding and Blocking a LargeFriends Member?

Hiding and blocking a person on LargeFriends is not the same thing. When you hide a profile you cannot see their activity. When you block a member they can no longer see your activity nor can they communicate with you.

Final Verdict & Review

Generally, LargeFriends users are quite satisfied with the dating site. As far as their reviews go, there don’t seem to be very many fake accounts or catfishing activities going on.

Still, it remains a niche dating site with not that many members. The number of LargeFriends members in the United States is less than 400,000. Compared to how big the country is, this is not a very large number.

On the other hand, LargeFriends is a very pleasant dating site. Perhaps this is also related to there not being a public forum where people can go to talk trash.

The only way free members can communicate with each other is through commenting on blog posts. If anyone does leave a nasty remark you can easily block them.

Also, the 2-step verification in the signup process helps to filter out the members that are not serious. Most of the people on LargeFriends are looking for a serious relationship and that in itself already makes the online environment more friendly.

Although LargeFriends does not see the same numbers as the larger more mainstream dating sites like eHarmony and Match, it still has its advantages. If you feel more comfortable on a dating site where your size specifically is celebrated, this is a great option for you.

You might run into a few members, particularly men, that fetishize you, though. A 100% pleasant online dating experience is rare so if this does happen just block them.

There is no time limit on a free account so if BBW and BHM is your preference, give LargeFriends a try.

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