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JDate Review

 June 23, 2020

By  Dating Site Guides

JDate Review - Is It Worth It?

Our JDate review covers everything you need to know about the most popular Jewish dating site today. JDate creates a fully tailored online dating experience for an ever growing community.

Although the platform is clearly intended for Jewish singles, it is open to anyone of any religious and cultural background. The important thing is that you have an appreciation of the Jewish culture and want to date within that community.

In other words, this website is like the flipside of the more mainstream online dating sites. There is a large community of Jewish people on sites like Match and eHarmony, they are still the smaller group. On JDate, Jewish people make up the bulk of the members and non-Jewish people the smaller groups.

Although there is a tradition for finding a marriage partner in the Jewish culture, the number of people enlisting the services of a shadkhan is growing smaller. The younger generations prefer a more modern and independent approach to dating - online dating is just one option.

So the question is, how good is JDate? Is it worth it for Jewish people or do more general online dating sites offer a better pool of singles?

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Signup Process

Signing up for JDate is free and easy. All members must link their profile to either an email address or Facebook account which helps with user verification.

Other than that, you are required to fill in basic information such as your full name, date of birth, location and occupation. There more optional questions for on the profile but the more important step for registration is providing your preferences in a partner.

All in all, it is straightforward and basic. There is no long-winded personality test or long list of open-ended questions that need answering.

Registration is free and this includes creating a profile and browsing through other profiles. However, as you would expect from a well-designed dating site, messaging other singles requires a paid membership.

JDate has 1 month, 3 months and 6 months membership periods. As is common with dating sites, the longer your membership the more affordable the monthly fee.

This JDate review would not be honest if we said that a free account was enough. If you want the full experience and actually be able to communicate with Jewish singles, you must opt in for the paid membership.

The membership plans are definitely worth it with all the extra perks and features that it gets. The membership is a little more than the standard online dating sites but the quality of members and the app and website functionality make up for it.

Creating Your Personal Profile

As mentioned earlier in this JDate review, there are no complicated requirements for your JDate profile. Technically, providing only basic information and your dating preferences is enough to get started.

However, as any seasoned online dater knows, a limited profile doesn’t get much action. So, we highly recommend making your profile as complete as possible.

On JDate, a complete profile includes information on how you view marriage, raising a family, having a career, hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. The most important section to fill out is the open-ended question; tell us more about you and what you are looking for.

Profiles need at least a profile picture and members have the option to upload a maximum of 6 pictures. Pictures depicting different aspects of your life is always a good idea when looking for a serious relationship from online dating.

JDate is not a hookup site so there are rules on what you can and cannot show on your photos. All photos must first get approval from the website admin.

One of the advantages of JDate profiles is that you’ll find very few fake accounts. The website admin monitors for suspicious behaviour and are quick to act when a report comes in.

Any profile that the team finds to be fake or depicting behavior against their guidelines is immediately blocked. Their email and Facebook account are also no longer allowed to create a new profile on JDate.

So, if you have had bad experiences with online dating in the past, you can feel a lot safer on JDate. Overall, the community is very engaging and positive.

Pricing & Account-Level Features

  • FREE


Free Account Features

  • Registration
  • Profile Creation
  • Sending Winks
  • Browsing Profiles
  • Using the Search Options

Making Connections on JDate

This JDate review already mentioned how easy it is to set up a profile compared to many other dating sites. This means that you can also get started on connecting with other Jewish people really quickly.

The best way to make a connection with someone is to send them a message. Although starting a conversation with a complete stranger can be a little nerve wracking, there really is no better way to get to know someone.

As soon as you have upgraded to a paid membership you can send and receive as many messages as you want on JDate. There is also another interesting messaging option called messaging+.

Messaging+ allows premium members to send a message to free membership profiles and gives those free members the chance to reply without having to upgrade their account. Although there are more safety features with a paid account, you might spot a free member that is just too cute to pass on.

If starting a one-on-one conversation still feels a little intimidating, consider joining the Kibitz corner. In the Kibitz corner, there are icebreakers and general questions that anyone can answer.

This public question and answer platform lets you find Jewish people with similar opinions and experiences as you. It works as an excellent low pressure ice breaker and a great alternative to searching for specific profiles.

Another feature that we cannot forget in this JDate review is the secret admirer function. This paid membership features lets you ‘like’ a profile so that you show up in their secret admirer’s list.

If that person likes you back, you will get a notification. You might have to wait for a while though because there is an option to ‘ask me later’ on this admirers list.

JDate Pros & Cons

  • PROS

  • Cons

  • Easy and quick registration process
  • Good site monitoring for suspicious behavior
  • Available as mobile app
  • Great security functionality
  • Large and engaged community
  • Customer service team available 7 days a week
  • Open to both casual and serious relationship seekers
  • Option for viewing both suggested matches and searching yourself


What is JDate?

JDate is an online dating site and dating app geared towards Jewish singles. The website launched in 1997 and remains popular today with over 2 million visits every month.

Is JDate good?

JDate claims that over 50% of Jewish marriages that started online began on JDate. If you are joining JDate with the hope of finding a life partner then these statistics are very good.

Can JDate be used by seniors?

JDate is a good option for Jewish seniors. It is one of the safest online dating sites and both the app and website are easy to navigate.

There is a considerable number of senior members on JDate. This makes it a great opportunity for seniors to connect over their shared culture and heritage.

How much does JDate cost?

Signing up for JDate is free and this includes a few free functions, too. However, only paid members get to send messages to other singles.

How much JDate costs depends on how long your membership is. There are 1 month, 3 months and 6 months options with the 6 months option being the most affordable monthly fee. The fees are somewhat higher than standard online dating sites.

How do you use it?

Using JDate is quite simple and straightforward. Create a free profile making it as complete as possible. Then, upgrade your account to a paid account to be able to send messages.

What is a 'Flirt' on JDate?

A flirt is specific kind of notification you can send to a member that you like. The ‘flirt’ sends a notification to their inbox along with a link to your profile. They can then choose to send you a flirt back or not.

Can it be used free?

Registration on JDate is free along with creating a profile and searching for profiles. Communicating with other members requires upgrading to a paid membership.

What payment methods does JDate take?

JDate accepts payment by all major credit cards and PayPal. There is also an option for in-phone purchases for the JDate app.

Can you block or report users?

Yes, it is possible to report and block users on JDate. The website admin will investigate the report and take appropriate action. Members that have been found to show inappropriate behavior are removed from the website and won’t be able to create a new account.

is JDate safe?

JDate is one of the safest online dating sites. They have several safety features and encryption tools that keep your sensitive information private.

Premium JDate members also have more control over their profile settings than free members. They can control when their profile is on display and which sections are shown.

What does the Yellow Plus Sign mean on JDate?

The yellow + sign on JDate is part of the messaging+ feature. Messaging+ is a feature exclusive to paid memberships. It allows for premium members to communicate with members that are on a free account.

What is JDate Lookbook?

The JDate Lookbook is a feature that lets premium members browse through suggested matches anonymously. The profiles are shown one by one.

JDate Success Story

Final Verdict & Review

This JDate review looked into the different features of this online dating platform and now it is time for the final verdict. How good is JDate, really?

Overall, JDate is a very good online dating site and the new app works really well, too. This is one of the few niche dating sites that is actually well designed with good functions and an engaging community of real accounts.

The risk of joining a niche dating site is that there tends to be fewer security measures and many inactive accounts but that is certainly not the case here. The Jewish community on JDate creates a welcoming and fun environment.

One noticeable aspect of JDate is that they don’t offer an advanced compatibility algorithm. Yet, of all the Jewish marriages that had their start online, over half of them are between members of JDate.

This is an incredible statistic for any dating site and so it is even more impressive that it is a statistic for a niche dating site. That statistic just goes to show how engaging the JDate members are.

Without even needing a matching algorithm, single Jewish people still have a very big chance of finding their life partner on JDate. Their effectiveness in bringing Jewish people together makes their fee worth it.

So, in short, even though JDate does not have the millions of members and fancy algorithms of online dating sites like Match and eHarmony, the success rate is incredible. If you are ready to settle and raise a Jewish family, this is where you start.

Therefore, we cannot conclude this JDate review with anything other than stating that JDate is a great online dating site for Jewish people.

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