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It’s Just Lunch Review

 June 16, 2020

By  Dating Site Guides

It's Just Lunch Review - Is It Worth It?

Having no luck with online dating sites and feel like you need the help of a professional matchmaker? Then you want to read this It’s Just Lunch Review.

It’s Just Lunch is a premium matchmaking service. Each member is assigned a personal dating concierge that takes care of everything - from finding potential matches to setting up a fun date.

Unlike regular online dating sites, you barely have to lift a finger. The professional matchmaker guarantees that you get dates.

Also unlike regular online dating sites, you are paying for luxury. This personalized service does not come for free and it does not come cheap.

The exact price tag depends on your location, how many dates you want to go on and how long you want the membership to last. For reference, the average cost in the US is between $2000 - $4000.

So, the question is: is It’s Just Lunch worth it? Is It’s Just Lunch better than a conventional online dating site or dating app? Continue reading our It’s Just Lunch review to find out.

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Signup Process

The signup process at It’s Just Lunch works a little differently to conventional dating sites. This is because you don’t create your own profile, the dating concierge does that for you.

Registration starts with filling out their online contact form. This asks for standard information such as your full name, e-mail address, location and most importantly your phone number.

Your phone number is essential nothing happens until they call you. The IJL team calls you (for free) and informs you on how it all works.

You can then take some time to think about or immediately agree to the skype interview. The skype interview is for the dating concierge to get to know you and get the information that they need to create a profile.

Yes, they create the profile for you based on your skype conversation. So, instead of filling out a form or multiple choice questions you get to discuss what you are looking for virtually face-to-face.

After the skype talk, your job is done but the dating concierge gets to work on finding matches. All you have to do is wait for them to contact you again when it is time to go on a date.

Creating Your Personal Profile

Usually, this is the section where we would explain what goes into creating a profile on a dating site. As mentioned above, that is not applicable in our It’s Just Lunch review.

The company’s dating specialists create your profile based on the phone and Skype conversations that you have with their team. Unlike other dating sites, your profile remains confidential.

In this case, a confidential profile means that it won’t be shared online. Your profile will only be used by their team to find a potential match. Even your future dates don’t get to see your profile.

Yes, this also means that you do not get to view other people’s profiles. Essentially, you are entrusting them to set up a blind date for you.

The benefit of a confidential profile is that you get to keep your dating life more private. You never know if a colleague or neighbor is on the same online dating site or app as you.

This feature is one of the reasons why many professionals join It’s Just Lunch. It keeps their private life offline so that it does not interfere with their career.

Pricing & Account-Level Features

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Free Account Features

  • Registration
  • Initial Phone Call

Making Connections on It's Just Lunch

Since you are enlisting the expertise of a specialist, there is little work left for you. It’s Just Lunch does not send you daily suggested match profiles for you to choose from.

In fact, you cannot start your own search on their platform. As mentioned earlier in this It’s Just Lunch review, the profiles of all members are kept confidential.

Your personal dating concierge is the one that reaches out to potential dates. They reach out to both parties and find a convenient time for both to meet.

As their name suggests, they recommend a lunch date. If lunch dates are not the most practical option for your schedule they will propose after work drinks or a weekend brunch.

There is a reason behind these types of dates. They are casual enough to keep a low pressure atmosphere and how much time you spend on the date is flexible.

For example, if lunch went well you can continue to another activity. At the same time, if there was no spark you can leave right after the meal.

After the date it is time for a feedback phone call. These feedback sessions are your opportunity to let your dating concierge know what you liked and what you did not enjoy.

Be as honest as possible during these feedback sessions because that is how they can further fine tune the experience. If you are not honest with them and just say it went fine you might end up on more ‘just fine’ dates.

One of the perks of joining It’s Just Lunch is that you can put your account on hold. If you felt a good connection with your date then you can tell your dating concierge that you don’t want to go on any other dates for the meantime.

This gives you time to explore the relationship without any distractions. If the sparks fade out then you can always go back to your dating concierge and tell them you are back on the market.

It's Just Lunch Pros & Cons

  • PROS

  • Cons

  • Very professional dating service
  • Confidential profile
  • Higher quality potential matches
  • Guaranteed blind dates
  • Membership is for a long period of time
  • Dating concierge sets up the date for you
  • Feedback sessions to further specify future potential matches
  • Dating service by specialists with nearly 30 years of matchmaking experience


Who is It's Just Lunch For?

It’s Just Lunch is for singles who want a serious relationship but don’t want to spend the time and effort on an online dating site. It is for singles that want a more personal touch to dating that dating apps could offer.

Is The Service For All Sexual Orientations?

Yes, It’s Just Lunch is open to all sexual orientations, genders and gender preferences.

Does It's Just Lunch Lead To Good Matches?

The IJL dating concierges are specialists in matchmaking. They personally attend to members and use their expertise and intuition to find dates for their clients. This personal touch makes it much more likely to find a compatible person.

Is Professional Matchmaking a Good Idea?

Matchmaking is a good idea for people that struggle getting started on the dating scene. Matchmaking is also a good idea for those living busy lives and don’t want to spend time on dating apps and dating websites.

Is There a Mobile App?

It’s Just Lunch is not available as a mobile app. This is because it is a personalized service involving phone calls and skype calls with a personal matchmaker. There is no browsing through profiles yourself.

Is It's Just Lunch Free?

Registration and the initial phone call with an It’s Just Lunch specialist is free. However, to make use of their matchmaking services you need to agree to a paid membership.

How Much is It's Just Lunch?

Several factors go into determining the exact cost of the IJL services. Prices differ per location and scope of the services.

Are Professional Matchmakers Worth the Money?

Matchmakers are pricey but many believe that they are worth it. These specialists have experience in finding compatible matches and often have a higher success rate than conventional dating sites and dating apps.

A matchmaking service like It’s Just Lunch feels like a luxury and you are paying for that luxury. That being said, there are many advantages to a personalized dating experience with minimal effort.

What is the Best Matchmaking Service?

There are many matchmaking services available. Each of them is different so it is difficult to pinpoint to the best. It’s Just Lunch is one of the most popular online matchmaking services.

Should I Hire a Professional Matchmaker?

Whether you should hire a professional matchmaker is a personal choice. Many people that choose to go the route of a matchmaker live busy lives with limited time to explore the dating scene. A matchmaking service takes away all the ‘chores’ of dating. All you have to do is go on the date.

Another reason why people choose a professional matchmaker is the personal touch. Online dating sites and dating apps can feel impersonal and draining. A matchmaker filters through the incompatible people for you.

What Payment Methods do It's Just Lunch Accept?

It’s Just Lunch accepts most major credit cards.

Can You Block Members?

There is no online contact between It’s Just Lunch members so there is no reporting or blocking of members in the same sense as on online dating websites. However, it is possible to report a member during the feedback session with the dating concierge.

Is It's Just Lunch Safe?

It’s Just Lunch is considerably safer than dating apps and conventional online dating sites. This is for several reasons.

Firstly, all members are kept confidential. Even fellow members are only given a first name before going on the date. Any other personal information is not shared by the It’s Just Lunch team.

Secondly, each member is first vetted by the IJL team of specialists before any matchmaking services start. Thirdly, IJL always arranges for the first date in a public space. Daters are allowed to leave whenever they please.

With that being said - Always practice caution when meeting a stranger for the first time.

Words from an It's Just Lunch Dating Coach

Final Verdict & Review

As you can tell from our It’s Just Lunch review, this is a dating service unlike any other dating site or dating app. It is a tailor-made dating experience.

There are many advantages to having a personal matchmaker do all the work for you. It frees up your time, there is less pressure on you and you get match suggestions from a dating specialist.

The online dating scene can feel like an overwhelming space and the It’s Just Lunch services take away most of the pressures. You don’t even have to worry about how to make the first contact since IJL sets up the date for you.

This is a great dating service for singles that either don’t have the time or energy to go searching themselves. Plus, the confidentiality makes sure that your dating life stays separate from your professional life.

In all honesty, It’s Just Lunch is only accessible to a specific income bracket but that goes for any personalized matchmaking service. As we mentioned earlier in this It’s Just Lunch review, you are paying for a luxury.

If it fits in your budget then signing up for It’s Just Lunch is a refreshing new approach to dating. As they themselves, they cherry pick higher quality dates specifically for you.

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