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eHarmony vs. Match

 July 21, 2021

By  Dating Site Guides

Match vs. eHarmony - Which Is Best in 2021?

Comparing eHarmony vs Match is comparing the two giants in the online dating industry. These two dating sites are among the most successful, both with decades worth of satisfied couples.

How do you decide which is better with such impressive track records? Is it even possible to declare a winner?

Read our review of the two biggest dating sites today and find out if this decades-old battle can be settled.


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What Type of People Join eHarmony vs Match?

One of the strengths of both eHarmony and Match is that they attract a very wide variety of people. There are singles of all ages, many different backgrounds and endless interests active on the websites.

Although Match.com has more members (several millions more), this says nothing about the potential quality of matches. While with Match you can find yourself in an ocean of singles, with eHarmony the algorithm reduces the pool to a very large lake.

The gender distribution is nearly even on both platforms, a big achievement for any dating site. However, there is a difference in the age distribution. The largest age group on eHarmony is under 30s while there is a more even spread on Match.

The age range may not make a difference for you or it may make all the difference. That being said, age is just a number and it doesn’t always guarantee a connection.

Besides age though, there is not much that can be said to differentiate the singles on eHarmony and Match. Both sites attract those that are serious about committed relationships, even if they are not quite yet ready to settle down.

What we can say is that the singles on eHarmony are a little more serious about meeting their future partner. After all, it is their advanced matching algorithm that makes it stand out from other dating sites.


Match has more members but you are more likely to meet someone interesting on eHarmony. Still, both dating sites have a great variety of singles making them good platforms for almost anyone.

Is eHarmony & Match Membership Worth It: Cost Comparison

Compared to the long list of dating apps, neither eHarmony nor Match are considered the most affordable. There is also no difference in membership costs with their mobile app version.

Price Comparison Table

Click the highlighted named below to view pricing options for each website.





6-month membership length

  • 6 month length
  • Payment plan available




24 month membership length

  • 24 month length
  • Payment plan available




3 month membership plan

Best Deal




12 month membership plan

Also, let’s not be coy about it - eHarmony is one of the most expensive dating sites short of personalized matchmaker services. That is because it is also the closest thing to an in-person matchmaker. In other words, you pay for what you get.

The monthly membership cost for Match lies somewhere between $20-$40 but only when you wait for their discounts. At their regular prices it isn’t far off from what you would pay for eHarmony.

So then the question is which one is more worth it. Should you splurge on the service of eHarmony or is Match enough?


In our opinion, you get more for your investment with eHarmony. Its matching algorithm is really irreplaceable and takes away many hours of frustrating profile searches.

Which Has More Success Stories: Quality of Matches

There is no denying that both Match and eHarmony deliver on their promise. Although it may take longer for some and for other online dating simply isn’t fruitful, there are also countless success stories.

Both companies like to boast their impressive matching results.

Match claims that over half a million married couples first met on their platform. Another fun fact is that they believe that over 1 million babies have come forth from couples that met on Match.

eHarmony offers equally impressive statistics. They say that 4% of all US marriages are couples that met through eHarmony. Also, every 14 seconds there is a new successful match on either their app or website.

It is difficult to track these claims but we will just take their word for it. If not for anything else, their long-standing status as the most popular dating sites combined with a continuous flow of new singles proves that they offer something worthy.


It is not possible to choose a single winner. Both dating sites are excellent at matching single men and women.

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Is the Dating Site or App Better?

With the explosion of dating apps, it was only a matter of time for Match and eHarmony to follow suit. After all, we live in a very mobile society today and only having a website just isn’t enough to meet customer demands.

eHarmony has understood this shift well and has invested a lot into their mobile app. The layout is pleasing to the eye, intuitive and mostly free of glitches.

One of its best features is the secure video call line. Members are able to have a video call with each other without having to reveal their personal phone number. This is the best way to weed out any fake profiles.

Match has also put in the effort to keep up with today’s crowd. They have revamped the website and produced a very user-friendly app to go along with it.

What makes the app so good is its users. Match spends a lot of time incorporating user feedback into app updates and it has paid off.

Having established that both have good apps, is it better to use the Match and eHarmony website or mobile app? The truth is that there isn’t much difference as both the website and app have the same features.


Both eHarmony and Match have done a good job in translating their website into an app. Both formats are user-friendly.

Match vs eHarmony Dating Features

By now you know that the most important eHarmony feature is its matching algorithm. You should also know that there is no browsing profiles without it.

eHarmony sticks by its statement that online dating is better when you have a personalized and detailed match based on your specific personality. This filters out all the coffee dates that you want to walk away from after just 10 minutes.

Members of Match, on the other hand, have much more freedom in their online dating experience. They also offer a personality quiz but that isn’t the only way to find dating profiles.

Recently, eHarmony has shortened its personality quiz to make the dating site more accessible. Surprisingly, its members missed the extended version so now they offer both. This means that you have a choice in how much prep time you put into your profile.

Match only offers a single personality. What you do have a choice in is whether you will start your own search or rely on their suggested matches.

An interesting feature that both platforms have recently added to their features list is a list of the potential matches that you would not normally match with. In other words, their matching system has filtered these people out but there might still be a winning wild card among them. This is a good option if you feel restricted in your search.

We already mentioned the video calling feature in the eHarmony app. What does Match offer to help you verify a person’s identity?

Match has a date check-in feature. Basically, it is a list of emergency contacts that Match will send a message to when you send an alert through the app. This helps with keeping dates safe.


Both eHarmony and Match have excellent features on their app and websites. They are far more advanced than other dating apps.

Final Verdict: Who Is the Winner?

Match vs eHarmony is a very close competition. They are by far the best online dating sites available today and it doesn’t seem like that will change any time soon.

However, we believe eHarmony is the true winner here. There is no denying that their advanced matching algorithm is a game changer when you are facing millions of potential matches.

Match is a great alternative and definitely worth your money but eHarmony simply has that little extra that makes all the difference. If we had to choose between eHarmony and Match, we would choose eHarmony.

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