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eHarmony Review

 June 11, 2020

By  Dating Site Guides

eHarmony Review - Is It Worth It?

An eHarmony review is hardly necessary. As far as online dating sites go, how good eHarmony is is almost legendary.

eHarmony is one of the first online dating sites and they have held their position as one of the most trusted brands. They boast countless success stories of singles meeting their new life partner online.

Part of what makes them successful is that they are continuously developing their services. For example, in 2019 they integrated Compatible Partners to cater to the LGBTQ community on one single website, instead of two. They also revamped their web design for a fresher updated look.

On the other hand, there are many new trailblazing online dating sites. Many newer dating apps are a better representation of how the younger generation dates. Is eHarmony still with the times or is it out of tune with singles under 35 years old? Read our eHarmony review to find out.

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Signup Process

Registering on eHarmony is simple. You fill out the standard information such as gender, gender preference and e-mail address during signup. Then, wait for e-mail verification.

eHarmony also added the option to login through Facebook. This is a quicker way to verify your account. You also don’t have to make up a new password you are likely to forget.

Up to this point the signup process is quite standard. The biggest difference between eHarmony and other online dating sites and apps is the personality questionnaire which does not come into play until later.

Completing the compatibility quiz used to be a requirement in the signup process. Since 2016 it no longer is. However, you don’t get the full eHarmony experience without it so we highly recommend taking the time to fill it out.

Registration and creating a profile is free. Now, you also get suggested matches immediately.

Unfortunately, a free membership does not let you communicate with anyone. You need to upgrade to a paid membership.

A basic membership gives you better potential matches after completing their compatibility quiz. It lets you send unlimited messages to matches and make use of their extra features like secure video calling.

For a little extra help in finding true love, there is the premium membership option. It has all the features of a basic membership but with more detail and more guidance.

As a premium member you receive your personality profile. This is a detailed document on the results of your compatibility quiz. Basic members have to pay extra to receive this document.

Using the information in your personality profile, eHarmony sets up a custom strategy for your online dating experience. It includes tips and advice on online dating. For example, how to create a more noticeable profile or what kind of first date your personality type shines in.

A free membership is extremely limited so at least upgrade to a basic membership. Considering the added value of their services, eHarmony is worth the money.

Creating Your Personal Profile

Answering all the questions in the compatibility quiz is the first step in creating a complete profile. Not taking this quiz takes away the value of using eHarmony.

One complaint over the years is that the quiz was a little outdated and not matching the needs of gay couples. eHarmony has taken this feedback and redesigned their quiz to be more modern and inclusive.

The updates did not make it any shorter, though. You still have to answer 80 different questions including open-ended and multiple choice questions.

This takes approximately 20 minutes. You are recommended not to rush it and think carefully about each question. This is the core of their matching system so be truthful for it to work as it should.

Your answers to the quiz relate to 32 different compatibility dimensions. You get to see on what dimensions you are more or less compatible with each suggested match.

Other details in your profile are up to you. You get to describe yourself, your interests and what you want in a relationship. Of course, you can upload photos, too.

Since the redesign the profiles have a much more modern and clean look. It is not overwhelming with information while still showing enough detail.

Pricing & Account-Level Features

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Free Account Features

  • Registration
  • Compatibility Quiz
  • Suggested Matches
  • Receive Messages

Making Connections on eHarmony

We cannot emphasize this enough in our eHarmony review: complete the compatibility quiz. It is the core feature of this online dating site and what sets it apart from the standard dating apps.

The beauty of eHarmony is that it takes away the hours of doing your own browsing. They send profile suggestions every single day, based on your compatibility quiz answers.

As mentioned earlier in this eHarmony review, you get to see in which area you are compatible with each profile. This is visually represented through color-coding and you also get a percentage for each dimension.

eHarmony recently expanded with a mobile app so you no longer need to sit behind a computer. The app functions pretty similarly to the website and both have the same fresh and clean look.

The app does not have the quick swiping function of most dating apps. Remember that this is an online dating service for serious relationships, not a hookup site.

By showing the profiles in blocks you are encouraged to click on each profile and check the details. This is a more in-depth approach to screening for a potential date. The idea is that being more selective increases the chances of finding a true connection.

Any paid membership gives you unlimited messaging options. Premium members also receive tips on ice breakers and how to keep the conversation going.

Another update to eHarmony is the secure videocall. This lets you videocall with a match without having to exchange phone numbers.

Overall, the number of fake accounts on eHarmony is very low, especially compared to dating apps. The detailed profiles and lengthy compatibility quiz are part of the reason why.

So, the amount of effort that you have to put into creating a profile actually improves the experience. It is a much more personal approach to online dating. It also quickly weeds out those that are not serious about finding love.

eHarmony Pros & Cons

  • PROS

  • Cons

  • very few fake profiles
  • Most members are looking for serious relationships
  • Compatibility matching is very advanced
  • No need to search for profiles yourself since you receive daily matches
  • Huge membership worldwide
  • Safe and secure environment for online dating
  • Now available via mobile app
  • Detailed profiles


Who is eHarmony for?

eHarmony is for all adult singles looking for a serious relationship. It is pretty much the opposite of a hookup site.

Is eHarmony open to all sexual orientations?

Compatible Partners, eHarmony’s LGBTQ sister site, has now merged with eHarmony. Although it now also creates gay and lesbian matches, it is generally still oriented towards straight couples.

What age group is most prevalent on eHarmony?

The eHarmony demographic has a good balanced range. The majority of members are between 18 - 24 years old, followed by the 25 - 34 age group.

Can I use eHarmony if I'm over 50?

Although eHarmony does not specifically target senior singles, the over 50 age group presents a significant chunk of their members. In fact, the over 50 age group is the fastest growing demographic on online dating sites.

Can I find good matches?

eHarmony has one of the highest success rates for bringing couples together. This is thanks to the detailed profiles and advanced personality compatibility algorithm.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes, eHarmony is now also available as a mobile app. The app functionality is quite similar to the website. Downloading the app is free but you still need to upgrade to a paid membership to get the full experience.

Is signing up free?

Registration, creating a profile, taking the compatibility quiz and receiving suggested matches are all available with a free membership. As is standard with most online dating sites, free members cannot communicate with anyone. You need to upgrade to a paid membership to be able to send messages.

How much does it cost to join?

There are several membership options on eHarmony. You can choose between a basic and premium membership, ranging from 1 - 12 months. The longer the membership period the more affordable it is.

What payment methods does eHarmony accept?

Memberships are billed monthly. eHarmony accepts all major credit cards.

Can you report or block users?

Yes, eHarmony is careful in creating a safe environment for online dating. You can report and block any members showing unwanted behaviour.

Does eHarmony do background checks?

eHarmony does not perform background checks on accounts unless there has been a complaint. The website administration does monitor for suspicious behaviour and will react accordingly.

All e-mails are verified during the registration process. There is an option for profile verification but this is only available for premium members.

Is eHarmony safe?

eHarmony is one of the safest online dating sites and apps. Their extensive profile creation process alone already discourages many fake accounts. All members can report any unwanted behaviour, which the website admin will investigate. However, it is always important to exercise caution when dating online - regardless of what platform you use.

Is eHarmony better than Match?

eHarmony and Match are two of the most popular and longest running online dating sites. The concept behind each one is different so it is difficult to make a comparison. The main difference is that eHarmony offers very accurate match suggestions while match.com focuses on offering many different search options. Both brands have high success rates.

eHarmony Success Promo Video

Final Verdict & Review

After several decades, eHarmony remains one of the most popular online dating sites today. In this eHarmony review we looked at the recent updates to the website and are very pleased.

The brand seems to have realized that they are facing much stronger competition over the last few years, especially from dating apps. Each change that they made to the platform has been a smart one.

We like the fresh modern look that both the website and newly launched mobile app have. It was definitely time for an aesthetic change on eHarmony.

We also think that it was a good idea to merge Compatible Partners with the main eHarmony site. All the best online dating sites are inclusive and it was about time that eHarmony welcomed the LGBTQ community.

That being said, eHarmony is not a popular gay dating site. Some have commented that their matching system is not tuned into the LGBTQ community and still requires improvement.

For straight couples, eHarmony has a very strong track record. Their incredibly accurate compatibility quiz has led to thousands of long term relationships and marriages.

Perhaps one of the reasons why eHarmony is so good is how serious the members are. Catfishing and creating a fake account seems a lot less worthwhile when creating a profile is time-consuming and communication requires a paid membership.

How eHarmony works is what makes this one of the most reputable online dating sites. We will conclude this eHarmony review with this:

eHarmony is one of the best online dating sites for straight singles looking for a serious relationship. The matching algorithm does a great job of finding compatible partners and that is what sets it apart from other dating apps.

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