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Cougar Life Review

 April 20, 2020

By  Dating Site Guides

​Cougar Life Review - Is It Worth It?

When a woman rounds the bend in midlife, she enters a new stage of sexuality. This stage allows her greater freedom to choose partners and enjoy herself because there is significantly less risk for pregnancy. She is smarter, faster, and has greater self-knowledge in regards to her sexuality and what she enjoys. As such, she may look in different places for various partners.

Younger partners may make her feel beautiful, sexy, and desirable. She may be called or even refer to herself as a "cougar." If that is how you feel about your own newfound sexuality as you enter middle age, you might want to give dating sites like CougarLife.com a try. Here is a review of that website so that you know what to expect before signing up.

  • ​User Base

  • ​Popularity

  • ​Gender Ratio

​Mainly Users Between 18 and 34 Years Old

You will have to sign up for an account when you use CougarLife.com. The site does not allow "free previews" like other dating sites because some of the pictures posted are very adult. You can create a membership for yourself free of charge, which is nice. Once you sign up, the site opens up and allows you to browse from available young men, ages 18-30, all of which live in your home state.

If you would like to extend the boundaries of your search for a younger partner in another state, the site does allow you to do that.

The young men available can also cruise the site for older women they find attractive. The site provides the means for both parties to message each other and arrange for hookups. You can choose to block certain members too, if you decide that they are not right for you. 

Featured members who may match what you are looking for will appear frequently in your list of available men. Most of the men are pretty blunt in what they want, but that may also work in your favor if you decide you do not like that type of guy.

Signup Process

​To get started, you will find yourself on a landing page for signing up. You have to fill in the info completely, including your email. The email address will help verify your account and send you reminders when new "studs" register with the site.

It is a very basic sign-up page, all things considered. Once you have finished, the site takes you to the full landing page.

On the full landing page, you will be asked to fill out pages on your interests, what you look like, descriptors from "tall, sleek, and sexy" to "a few extra pounds," and post a head shot of yourself.

You can initially choose to skip all of these steps if you just want to scroll through and see what kinds of guys are available. However, completing these self-description tasks will help connect you faster to guys that meet or match your profile and needs.

​Perks, Benefits & Features

  • ​Gifts
  • ​Private Gallery
  • ​Find a Date
  • ​Blog

One of the benefits is that it is all young men seeking older women. There is no one listed that is not looking for an older woman. There are plenty of search criteria you can use to filter out what you are not looking for too. For example, maybe you are not particularly attracted to red-headed men or men "with a few extra pounds." Maybe you prefer men with only black or brown hair and blue eyes.

You can use the search filters on the left hand side of the screen to sort out anyone that you would not find attractive. There is no commitment involved, and most of these young guys are not looking for a long-term relationship. Ergo, you do not have to worry about them constantly coming back and trying to date you or make things serious.

Additionally, there is no charge to "browse." Most of the males have to pay if they want to make their photos "featured," but you do not have to pay. You can contact someone who looks interesting to you via "flirts," emoticons, chats, and one or two other communication button options.

Some of the guys have private photos, which means what you think it means. They will post nude selfies for you to enjoy. Some guys avoid paying for the private photo posts and just use pictures of their penises instead of their faces, so don't be too shocked or surprised to see that. You can't report them for doing that either, so if you aren't interested in seeing that, scroll by quickly.

Pricing ​& Account-Level Features

​If you want to send virtual gifts or exchange long, lingering private messages with someone, you will have to upgrade. The membership upgrade is usually about forty dollars, but the real value is twelve months at one-hundred-forty-four dollars. Compared to one month at forty dollars, twelve dollars a month for twelve months is a steal. You can cancel your membership at any time.

The price includes "credits" that you can use to send virtual gifts or add upgrades to your profile. While this is not really necessary if your profile pics are inviting enough, some people find that the upgrades they can purchase with the credits are really helpful. If you are already a member on several other dating sites, you can decide for yourself whether or not this is a good idea.

  • ​FREE


​Free Account Features

  • ​Account Registration
  • ​Profile Creation
  • ​Send "Flirts" to Other Members
  • ​View Profiles of Other Members


Is Cougar Life Free?

​It is free to sign up and flirt. It is not free to send full messages to interested and interesting parties, nor is it free to promote your profile.

How do Credits Work on Cougarlife.com?

​Each month of paid membership gives you one hundred credits, unless you sign up for several months or a year to get a discount and then you get extra credits. You can use the credits for virtual gifts and enhancing your profile.

Is it Safe?

​Nobody can track you down, find out where you live, and stalk you. Nobody is allowed to cyber-stalk or cyberbully you either. Moderators keep an eye on things, and if you have a problem with a guy, report him.

​How do I Delete My Profile?

​Go to "delete my profile," confirm that you want to permanently delete your profile, and then it's done.

How do I Know if a Profile is Real on CougarLife?

​That's a reasonable question, and one worth asking. If the conversation seems off or weird, or takes a bizarre direction, stop. Report it to a moderator.

Can I Message for Free on Cougar Life?

​No, only "flirts" are free. Messaging requires a paid membership, but keep in mind that once you are a paid member, all other members can see your email and contact info.

How Long is the Approval Process for Cougarlife?

​Immediately after signing up you are approved. There is no waiting period or confirmation period.

How do I Keep my Account Safe?

​Easy. Don't share particularly personal information over the internet, use a secure connection, and never send anyone money no matter what he says. If you get a creepy vibe from someone, report him.

​Final Verdict & Review

​CougarLife.com is like most other dating websites. Free to look, but it costs you to do more. Older women seeking younger men is the name of the game. Nothing has to be serious, and you never have to commit to anything you don't want to do (or anyone you don't want to do!). There are expectations, given the age of the men allowed to sign up and the women that are looking for these younger men, but any woman can sign up. It is as safe and as easily accessible as most other free-to-join dating sites, and it has a dating app too.

If you are bored with the other dating sites you have visited, this one may excite you. You might find that it's a nice change of pace from the sites that allow literally everyone to join and from the sites that are geared towards midlife and older people looking for dates. There are also a lot of young, hot guys looking for a sugar momma, if you are interested in that sort of arrangement. However, do not be too surprised if your "sugar cub" has more than one sugar momma besides you.

With no emphasis on permanent commitment, everyone on CougarLife.com is a "free range chicken," so the saying goes. Each guy's profile will list what kind of "relationship" he is looking for. Be sure to read the profiles very carefully before sending a flirt or a message (if you decide to pay the membership dues to gain access to messaging).

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