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Christian Mingle vs. eHarmony

 June 23, 2021

By  Dating Site Guides

Christian Mingle vs. eHarmony - Which Is Best in 2021?

Which is better: Christian Mingle or eHarmony? Both are among the biggest online dating sites with a long list of couple’s success stories. So, how do you decide?

We can compare the eHarmony vs Christian Mingle cost and how many members each platform has but what does this really tell you about your chances to find a romantic match? To make a fairer comparison we need to get into the details.

Read our review and we’ll help you decide whether you should get an eHarmony app download or join the Christian Mingle dating site.

Christian Mingle

Read Our Full Review


Read Our Full Review

What Type of People Join eHarmony vs Christian Mingle?

Did you ask yourself is eHarmony Christian after reading this blog title? Let’s start by clarifying that one. eHarmony is not a Christian dating site.

That being said, there is a large group of single Christians on eHarmony. In fact, eHarmony members are among the most varied of all online dating sites and apps.

30% of eHarmony members are between the age of 18-24 but the age range above that are proportionately quite similar. The gender balance is quite even which is very rare for dating sites.

There are people from all around the world, from all walks of life and endless personality types. No matter what type of person or relationship you are looking for, chances are that you will find a match on eHarmony.

In comparison, Christian Mingle has a much clearer target group. All members are Christian (in any of its many denominations) and single. It is also much more concentrated in the United States compared to eHarmony.

There is also a more defined age group at Christian Mingle. Over 50% of its members are at least 35 years old and the 18-34 age range represents about 30% of its user base. Here too, the gender spread is very similar.

As for total numbers, eHarmony is the winner. There are over 3.5 million monthly visits on Christian Mingle while eHarmony gets over 4 million website visits every month.


In short, eHarmony has a larger and more varied platform while Christian Mingle attracts a more clearly defined segment of singles. This is a matter of quantity over quality. Are you specifically looking for someone that will share your Christian values and beliefs or are you open to a wider array of people?

Is Christian Mingle & eHarmony Membership Worth It: Cost Comparison

Singles are constantly looking for free dating sites but the truth is, the better dating services require paid memberships. Both Christian Mingle and eHarmony are among the most popular dating sites but neither of them is free. This only proves that Christian Mingle and eHarmony is worth it.

Still, the price of the eHarmony and Christian Mingle accounts might influence your decision. You have to consider whether they are at a price point that you are willing to pay to find love. Let’s compare the Christian Mingle membership price and eHarmony cost.

Price Comparison Table





6-month membership length

  • 6 month length
  • Payment plan available




24 month membership length

  • 24 month length
  • Payment plan available




3 month membership plan





1 month membership plan

Registration and creating a profile is free on both platforms. Free members will receive suggested matches but communication with other singles is limited. While eHarmony allows free members a limited number of messages, free members on Christian Mingle can only reply to the messages of members with a paid account.

Free members on eHarmony get a little more flexibility but gaining access to extra features comes at a steeper price compared to Christian Mingle. Monthly membership payments on eHarmony cost double or even more than that.

For comparison, a 6-month premium membership on Christian Mingle costs around $23 per month while an eHarmony membership comes closer to $45 per month for the same period of time. Of course, in both cases you get additional discounts for longer memberships but there still remains a significant price difference between the two.

The good news is that you don’t immediately have to commit to either. The eHarmony and Christian Mingle free trial give you a good idea of what it is like on their platforms. Take that chance to explore which suits you better.

It is also worth mentioning that eHarmony’s pricing makes sense for the service that they offer. Their matching algorithm is still the most advanced on the online dating scene and has proven successful for decades. Just consider the value of cherry-picked matching in a sea of singles.


Christian Mingle is more affordable than eHarmony but this is justified by the difference in services. Decide which better fits your budget and what the matching algorithm is worth to you.

Which Has More Success Stories: Quality of Matches

Both Christian Mingle and eHarmony have excellent track records which is quite impressive for online dating, especially compared to dating apps. They have their algorithms to thank for this.

Since its conception, the eHarmony matching system has been its star feature. It is incredibly detailed and extensive which allows them to make such perfect matches between strangers.

Christian Mingle also makes use of a matching algorithm but it is less advanced than the eHarmony system. Still, the dating site is able to pair people that go on to have very long relationships.

We can go through the eHarmony reviews and Christian Mingle reviews but that is something you can read through by yourself. To keep things quick and short, let’s look at the numbers and what they tell us about your chances of success on these platforms.

Perhaps one of the strongest signs of a successful relationship is marriage. Christian Mingle has an almost unbeatable track record for this. Nearly 30% of all Christian marriages in the United States started with a message on Christian Mingle.

Watch a Christian Mingle Testimonial

eHarmony has been the starting point of many long term relationships but its figures for marriages are hard to compare to Christian Mingle. The company claims that approximately 3% of the marriages in the US blossomed via their dating service.

Watch a eHarmony Testimonial

Since these figures come from different types of samples, it is unfair to make a direct comparison. Yes, they’re both bore fruit but you would still be comparing apples to oranges.

We can also consider how many people go on a date with someone they met online. For both dating sites (and their apps), the numbers are pretty similar.

Again, there is an important nuance to this. How many dates you go on often just depends on how active you are. The more messages you send out, the greater the chance someone will be buying you a cup of coffee.


Both eHarmony and Christian Mingle are very good at what they do, as proven by the countless success stories. You have a strong chance of matching with someone on, regardless of which site you choose.

Is the Dating Site or App Better?

These days, we reach for our smartphones faster than our laptops. The large explosion of dating apps is a sign of that. Neither Christian Mingle nor eHarmony wanted to fall behind so they developed their own app.

It did take them both a while before they caught on to the likes of Tinder and OKCupid. They also both needed some time to translate the feedback of their users into better updated versions.

Even today, their download numbers are lower than the total number of members that they have and incomparable to the downloads of app-first dating companies. Is this a bad sign?

Not necessarily. Tinder, OKCupid, Bumble and other dating apps are mostly free which explains their higher download numbers. What is more important, is how user-friendly the Christian Mingle app and eHarmony app are.

While the Christian Mingle app is essentially a mobile-friendly version of its website, the eHarmony app has a few extra perks. On eHarmony, matched singles can not only use the instant chat but also have a video call. The video call option comes highly recommended because it is one of the best ways to confirm a person’s identity.

Before you write off the CM app, consider that it is very well made for its target audience. With the majority of their members valuing simplicity in their online dating experience, Christian Mingle is giving them just that on the app. They translated the winning formulate of their website into the dimensions and functionality of a much smaller screen.


Both apps are user-friendly and offer the same functionality as their websites. The deciding factor is what you find more comfortable to navigate.

Christian Mingle vs eHarmony Dating Features

What other features set these two popular datings sites apart? Perhaps the most important difference is how eHarmony creates matches.

Most dating sites suggest profile matches but also allow its members to browse for profiles using their own search criteria. This is not possible on eHarmony. There is no search feature so all members rely on the suggestions made by the algorithm.

To some, this is the great advantage of eHarmony. It takes away a lot of the work of online dating. To others, this might feel somewhat limiting.

If the latter better applies to you, you might find Christian Mingle more comfortable. Here, all members have the freedom to search through the database using any criteria they wish. This gives singles more control and flexibility.

Another feature that is interesting is eHarmony’s profile check. Many find it difficult to create a dating profile that does their personality justice. With this extra service singles can get advice on how to make their profile stand out better which also helps with finding matches.


Both offer useful features for meeting other singles. The features are quite different so once again it depends on what you find more important.

Final Verdict: Who Is the Winner?

Looking at eHarmony and Christian Mingle it becomes clear why thousands of singles have found their match on these dating sites and apps. They both offer a wide variety of features and advantages that make finding the one simpler.

Although they are both ragingly popular, these two platforms are also quite different from each other. Thus, it is difficult to pick out a single winner.

Reread the different sections and reflect on what is important to you. Do you want a hands-off matching service or is a meeting a god-loving person the essential factor for you?

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