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AfroIntroductions Review

 June 23, 2021

By  Dating Site Guides

AfroIntroductions Review - Is It Worth It?

Afrointroductions stays true to its brand name. It introduces African singles, living all around the world, to each other.

Unlike most dating sites, the community is engaged and just as open to online friendships as they are looking for true love. This makes Afrointroductions less pressuring and more enjoyable.

Run by Cupid Media, this dating site proudly claims to have over 2.5 million members located in many different countries. However, they only receive around 2000 daily logins which doesn’t seem to match up with its number of members.

Is Afrointroductions worth it? Are there enough singles to engage with on this dating site and dating app? Read our review to find out.

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Signup Process

The signup process could not be simpler. New members can sign up using their Facebook profile so that all the information is automatically synced up.

Of course, it is also possible to sign up with just your e-mail but surprisingly enough, there is no e-mail verification. This is quite rare for dating sites, even the free dating sites, which brings to question how authentic the profiles are.

Without syncing to a Facebook account, the signup process only requires an e-mail address, password, your gender and your age. All users must be at least 18 years old and the majority of the profiles are of people in their early twenties.

This is all you have to do log in. As soon as you’ve answered these four basic questions you can start browsing member profiles. Creating a new profile is completely free and offers pretty good features for free accounts.

Free Afrointroductions members can view profiles, start a conversation with a premium members, use the profile search filters and show interest in a profile. Free members cannot chat with each other so if you want to chat with someone that has a free account you will have to upgrade yours.

Premium members can chat with both free and paid accounts. Other perks include using the instant chat function, hiding your account while browsing profiles and having your profile highlighted.

Both a free account and premium membership gives you the opportunity to interact so an upgrade is not obligatory. However, if you want a little more privacy and a little more exposure, then the upgrade may be worth it for you.

Creating Your Personal Profile

Afrointroductions provides its members great opportunity for creating a detailed profile. However, none of the profile elements are mandatory.

As you might guess, there are plenty of profiles with very little information and no photos. This makes it more difficult to judge whether you would be a match.

Another limitation is that Afrointroductions profiles can only feature a maximum of 5 photos. Be selective in the photos that you upload so that you can best convey your personality.

One advantage to Afrointroductions is that each uploaded photo first goes through a screening process. Before they show up on your profile, the site admin will need 24-48 hours to verify the photos.

So, your first day on Afrointroductions may be limited to just browsing profiles. Be aware that members can see when someone has visited their profile.

If you want to make a good first impression, it might be a good idea to save the browsing until your own photos are approved. Online daters always have a better chance with good photos.

One way to create a little more privacy on your profile is by setting some photos as private. This gives you control over who gets to see your photos and who doesn’t.

A unique feature of Afrointroductions is its cupid tags. Cupid tags are descriptors that you can attach to your profile to give a clearer image of your personality.

These can be physical descriptors like tall or handsome, personality descriptors like funny or extroverted as well as descriptors for the type of relationship you are looking for. Members can filter profiles based on these descriptors so think about which cupid tags would best describe you.

Pricing & Account-Level Features

  • FREE


Free Account Features

  • Registration
  • Profile creation
  • Browsing profiles
  • Chatting with premium members
  • Filtering profiles
  • Add cupid tags
  • Like a profile
  • Notification when your profile is viewed

Making Connections on Afrointroductions

Sending messages is possible in both paid and free profiles but as a premium member you have more flexibility. Not only can you chat with anyone, you can also make use of the live messaging and video calling function.

It is always a good idea to get a better sense of a person on online dating sites so upgrading is worth it. The instant messaging and video call option also helps you to filter out the fake profiles.

Start your search for true love by thinking about the qualities you look for in your partner. These can be both physical attributes and parts of their personality.

Let the keywords be the guiding filter on your search and make use of the cupid tags. There are over 2.5 million users on Afrointroductions so you really want to narrow down your search.

There is no distance limitation on Afrointroductions which means that you can be speaking to somebody on an entirely different continent. Although more and more people have online relationships, many still prefer to meet someone that lives closeby.

Join Afrointroductions

Where love and friendship can be found!

Afrointroductions Pros & Cons

  • PROS

  • Cons

  • Clear target market: Africans and the African diaspora
  • Free registration and profile creation
  • Free search filters and profile browsing
  • Possibility for free and premium members to send messages
  • Large community around the world
  • Mobile app available
  • Photos are verified
  • Friendly community, not only singles looking for love
  • Affordable payment options


Who Is Afrointroductions For?

Afrointroductions is for African singles, whether they live on the continent or elsewhere in the world. It is also a place to make platonic friendships

Is Signing Up on Afrointroductions Free?

Yes, members can sign up and create a profile for free. It is also possible to send messages to premium members with a free account.

What Age Group Is Most Prevalent on Afrointroductions?

Most Afrointroductions members are in their early twenties, between 21-24 years old.

Can I Find Good Matches?

Afrointroductions has a very basic matching system so it is best to put in the work yourself. Use the cupid tags to personalize your search for love.

Is There a Afrointroductions Mobile App?

Yes, Afrointroductions is available as both an online dating site and mobile dating app. The app is available through both the Apple Store and Google Play for androids. It has approximately 100,000 members.

Can You Report or Block Users on Afrointroductions?

Any member can create a blocked list. Members on this list can no longer see your activity and profile.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Afrointroduction memberships can be paid for via a bank transfer, creditcard payment or PayPal. Membership plans are available on a monthly, tri-monthly and annual basis.

Does Afrointroductions Do Background Checks?

There is no standard profile verification on Afrointroductions but members choose to opt for one. Verified members are more trusted and so more likely to be contacted. All photos must first be approved by the site admin.

Final Verdict & Review

Afrointroductions is a great alternative to standard dating apps and dating sites for people that are truly looking for fellow Africans. This is a group that is often limited on the larger dating sites such as Match and eHarmony.

The fact that there is no maximum distance means that members living all across the world can get in contact with each other. It really puts the diaspora in touch.

That being said, this is not the most active dating site. There are only 2000 daily logins on the website and about 100,000 downloads of the app.

Still, getting into contact with other members is made relatively easy since you don’t always need a premium membership to do so. Also, finding a good match is made easier with the use of cupid tags.

If you know what you want, Afrointroductions may be a good place to find a new love interest. Although none of its features truly set it apart from other standard dating sites, the clear community makes it very interesting for African singles.

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