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10 Tips for Online Dating You Need to Know



10 Online Dating Tips Everyone Should Know

With all the online dating mishaps we hear about it is surprising that there isn’t a long list of romantic comedies about all the things that can go wrong on a dating app. But life isn’t a Hollywood movie and let’s be honest, the will they won’t they in real life is quite exhausting.

So how do we put aside the misleading romance stories of the big screen and give online dating a true chance? These are our insider tips on what everyone needs to know about online dating without falling for the illusions.


Tip 1: Don’t Force It

No matter how fast your friends want you to get back on the dating scene, don’t let yourself feel the pressure. Online dating is supposed to be fun and when you’re not in the right mindset you’ll never have a good time.

Don’t open the dating apps when you’re not yet ready to move on from your ex. Good chance that you’ll be talking about your ex all night and that is a big first date no-no.

It is much better to first go on a few girls night out or boys night out before you immerse yourelf in the apps and dating sites. That way, your friends are around when you need them most.


Tip 2: Let the Apps & Sites Do the Work For You

If you’re new to online dating, take full advantage of all the features that it offers for finding you your perfect match. The beauty of dating sites and apps is that they can simplify dating – let them.

Take your time to answer the personality quizzes, browse through the suggested matches, use the prompts to create an attractive dating profile. These companies have put a lot of money into R&D to make sure the user experience only gets better.

Okay, not all apps and websites are as diligent in their dating guidance but that is exactly what separates the good ones from the bad ones. Always go for the apps and dating sites that offer higher quality rather than free access.


Tip 3: Try Out Different Dating Sites & Apps

Like with any brand, dating sites and dating apps each have their own niche market. Figure out which niche market you and your potential match belong to and join that platform.

Don’t think that just because all your friends are on Tinder that there is no better option out there for you. If you are looking for something more serious, dating sites like Elite Singles, eHarmony and Match are a much better choice.

The good dating sites and apps also offer a trial period. Take that time to explore and see how you like it before committing to a paid membership.


Tip 4: Have Your Friends Check Your Dating Profile

Think of your dating profile as your LinkedIn profile. It should feature all the essential information without being so long that your admirers get bored of reading.

Like on LinkedIn and on your CV, it is all about setting yourself apart. What makes you truly different and what type of person are your honestly looking for?

You can be playful and a little mysterious to encourage matches to message you but at the same time the profile should be honest and representative. This is hard to figure out on your own so let your friend help you.


Tip 5: Stay Open

Online dating experts go both ways on this. Some say that you need to keep your eyes on the prize and ignore everyone that doesn’t fit your ideal picture while others encourage singles to be open to meeting new types of people.

We support the latter. Even Prince Charming and Cinderella have their flaws so how can you expect a real life person to be perfect?

You absolutely should have a list of your deal breakers but every once in a while, when a maybe shows up, give them a go. You never know, you might hit it off in record time.


Tip 6: Don’t Let Them Leave You on Read

This applies more to the dating apps than the website but it is still a good rule to keep in mind. If they are very sporadic in their messaging, they are not worth your time.

You should be able to sense the excitement when chatting with someone on a dating app. When they leave you on read for several hours, they’re not that interested.

And that is okay. It is also okay for you to ignore them after that and move on to someone that is willing to pay attention to you.


Tip 7: Make the First Date Practical

Meeting someone on an app or dating site is not the same as meeting someone at a bar. You won’t get a proper feel for them until the first meeting.

This explains why there are many first dates with online dating but significantly fewer second and third dates. This is part of the experience but it shouldn’t become a drag either.

Make your first date practical for both parties, at a convenient casual location. This way you won’t be too stressed out and can walk in feeling more comfortable.


Tip 8: Go For the Nice Guy

They say that nice guys never win but as an online dater, finding a nice guy very much feels like winning. Let’s be honest, the men on dating sites aren’t all boy scouts so why put yourself through that?

Sure, the shirtless photo on a boat gives you a lot to fantasize about but is that really what you want in a long term relationship? Aren’t cozy nights in watching your favorite movies much better?

If you get a sense that a guy is douche just from reading their dating profile, what are the odds that they are an even bigger one during a date? Speaking of red flags…


Tip 9: Don’t Ignore the Deal Breakers

Earlier we mentioned that you shouldn’t make your search too narrow but this is not the same as forgetting about your deal breakers. Some things just can’t be resolved and are better dealt with before the relationship drags on.

For example, if you have kids and they are in no position to look after them, that’s a deal breaker. If they are constantly traveling for work but you want more stability in your life, that’s a deal breaker.

Make a distinction between your wants and your needs. That should help you separate the deal breakers from the atypical.


Tip 10: Save It for the First Date

Too many people spend too much time in their chat box and not enough time on actual dates. It is called online dating but the online part is only a prelude to the real thing.

After a few messages back and forth, maybe over 2-3 days, it is time to propose a date. You don’t have to wait for them to do it for you, just ask.

This is the only way to find out if you are a match or not. People just aren’t the same over text.

With these 10 basic online dating tips you should have an insight into the whole experience. Don’t force it, keep it fun and don’t forget about your deal breakers. The rest will play itself out.

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